The lab of traditional costumes “Toli”, which is based in Neochorouda – Thessaloniki, is one of the few labs nowadays professionally engaged in the manufacture of traditional Greek costumes. Our concern is to keep alive the Greek tradition and offer to the modernGreek a means to communicate with his historical past.


Our costumes are handmade with respect to the original design af their time and materials of excellent quality. Each traditional costume of our laboratory appears as a living masterpiece, since it is a true copy of the original costume and at the same links  the Greek tradition with today. Our lab also manufactures, supplies andrepairs  traditional costumes for theatrical performances and cultural school events, as well as ballet and flamenco costumes, individually and collectively. During the years of experience in the field of traditional costumes, we have collaborated with cultural associations, municipalities and schools of dance, providing costumes from the regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Sterea Ellada, Eastern Rumelia, Crete, Pontus and Asia Minor. Moreover, we can manufacture costumes of any other region on request. The last  years we have intesively entered in the field of modern dance, developing valuable partnerships with the leading dance schools in Thessaloniki.