In our lab, the traditional costumes  are handmade with respect to the original design of their time and materials of excellent quality, as we use among others traditional loom and embroidery by hand.

Our collection includes a large number of costumes from the regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Eastern Rumelia, Crete, Pontus and Asia Minor and we are capable of making any other kind of costume of every region you desire.

The quality and the excellent manufacture of our products are confirmed by numerous cultural associations and municipalities who honor us whith their trust and a perfect constant cooperation all these years.

Expanding our business activity, we have entered in the field of modern dance by manufacturing ballet and flamenco costumes for plenty and acclaimed dance schools in Thessaloniki.

The traditional and modern dance costumes by Toli “accompany and dress” numerous events in Greece and abroad every year.


We undertake the repair of any traditional or modern dance costume.